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CCTV Security Surveillance Camera

Security cameras


Secure your building with reliable CCTV Security Cameras in Los Angeles. Record and store for as long as you want, even for years. Monitor from anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor up to 64 cameras from your Phones or Computers, anywhere in the world

  • Double Backups: Backups can be Synced to Cloud storage to prevent loss of recordings in case of damage, fire or theft

  • Record with the highest quality, 4k or even 8k quality to see even the smallest details

  • Record long distances such as entire alley

  • Rotating PTZ cameras: Move and Zoom your cameras using your phone or computer or NVR device

  • Get notifications on your phone or email based on events

  • Monitor and view multiple buildings from same device

  • Face capture allows your to search and filter events by people

  • Vehicle detection through AI allows your to get notification when cameras detects cars or motorcycles enter to specific area


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Other benefits we offer:

  • 6 Months of free troubleshooting and support

  • Low priced upgrades and extensions

  • Unlimited all-day phone and remote support

  • Best deals on buying parts and equipment

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