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Structured Low Voltage & Network Cabling

Do you have a new office, home or building, and need a network connection in each room?

We do structured cabling according to the highest industry standards to guarantee the highest speed, quality, and durability.

Running ethernet cat5/6/7 cables to any room and install wall jacks and connect your equipment such as computers, media players, TV, Alarm systems, Security camera.

Extend current ethernet connections or add more wall jacks for your network.

Quality ethernet network cabling assures the highest quality of service and zero latency to improve your business quality, while wireless has some big downsides: such as lower security, lower speed, frequency interference, harder to monitor, etc.

We install network racks and cabinets, switches, and patch panels and organize your network beautifully and make it easy to manage in the future.

Our services include but are not limited to Network cabling, local area networks, fiber optics, 10baseT, DSL, T1, ADSL, Cat5 / Cat6 / Cat7.

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