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Managed IT Services

If you want to run a quality business, You will need quality IT Infrastructure, That’s what we provide!

Let us take care of your technology needs so you can free your mind and take care of your business 

With our Managed IT Services we will take care of every single aspect of your IT needs.

Security cameras

CCTV Security Surveillance Camera

We install various type of security cameras for offices, buildings and houses, Install simple indoor/outdoor cameras at a very affordable price.

Monitor, Record and remotely view your home or office from anywhere in the world. Securely record on cloud as well as local camera storage to guarantee 100% safety.
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Netowork and Wireless Services

Computer deployment​

We provide white-glove service, deploy and set up computers for your staff, and train them to use it.

Image, configure, customize and deploy computers to your employees. Train your employees one by one or in a group

Office and Datacenter move

Network troubleshooting​

We are experts in troubleshooting your network and internet issues. It doesn’t matter if it is a router, modem or cabling issue. We will find and resolve it quickly.

Because we have years of experience and expert technicians, we quickly resolve the issues, so your network won’t have to be down and lose money.

Managed smart backup system

Never risk losing your important data by using our smart backup systems:

Backup all your data and operating system

Backup entire disk and software configuration and recover easily when needed

Structured low voltage &
network cabling

Do you have a new office, home or building, and need a network connection in each room?

We do structured cabling according to the highest industry standards to guarantee the highest connection quality.

Personal file storage

File storage​

We setup a NAS (Network Attached Storage) for you so you can access and manage your data from anywhere on your local area network or internet.  Easily access, manage and share terabytes of data with maximum security. 

Advantages of NAS

Safe storage of data in an encrypted format

Data rescue and recovery

Lost data due to hardware failure, human error or malware?

Don’t panic! We offer affordable data recovery solutions to recover every bit of your data.

Recover data from hard drives, laptops, external memories.

Wireless range extensions

If you have bad wireless spots in your location, we can extend your wireless range.

Wireless is a vast knowledge. If you have lower speed and bad connections in some spots, we can troubleshoot and extend your reception range.

Firewall configuration

Security Firewalls

Firewalls are crucial in safeguarding your business from malicious threats. We offer various dedicated and shared, managed and co-managed, and monitored firewall solutions.

Whether we supply the hardware or manage and monitor what you already own, you have more time to focus on your core business competencies while we provide the security expertise.

Site to Site VPN

Secure VPN


A VPN solution (Virtual Private Network) allows offices and different locations to establish secure connections with each other over the internet.  VPN extends the company’s network, making computer resources from one location available to employees at other locations.

Office and Datacenter move

Office and Datacenter relocation

Suppose you are moving your network equipment, racks, switches or office computers to a new location. In that case, we can design an easy move plan for you and send our techs to professionally label and box everything, move them to your new location and install them again the same way.

Printers setup 1

Printers setup


We install all kinds of personal and commercial printers, copiers, fax machines and plotters

We train you how to use and maintain it

We troubleshoot your printing issues

We install network printers or limited access printers for employees, which can be accessed by their badges or personal code



We offer computer training for people and organizations.

Windows 10 training

Office 364 Training

Computer and internet basics

Expert Computer Tune Up Upgrade

Computer Tune Up / Upgrade

You have a slow computer; you have a lot of files and personal customization on it, and you prefer not to buy another one and not to go through that headache of transferring everything and paying a lot of money. Right?

We will examine your problem at no charge and offer you the most affordable option to tune up your computer at the lowest cost.

Hard Drive Repair

Custom built computers

We will build all kinds of computers for you

Gaming computers

Graphic design

3D and Video production computers

Firewall configuration

Virus removal

If your system has been running slow recently or popping up with strange windows or advertisements.

You may be affected by a malware.

Or maybe your files or computer is locked, and you can’t access it

Or you’ve been a victim of scam calls

We are Virus Removal Experts

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