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Managed Smart Backup System

Data on computers, hard drives and memories are never safe and can be lost in a matter of seconds by malfunction, Malware, Ransomware or fire or theft 

That is why it’s  important to use an effective backup system, especially in business environment to prevent disaster 

Never risk losing your important data:

Backup all your data and operating system

Backup entire disk and software configuration and recover easily when needed

We install local storage such as a NAS (Network-attached storage) or use your current server as a backup station

We replicate local backups to cloud servers to assure 100% reliability and safety, so even if anything happens to your local systems in your company, and everything dies. Still, your backups are accessible in our cloud servers, and we can help you recover them.

Having double backups on local storage along with cloud backups gives you the best of two worlds: Performance and Security

With only local backups you still can lose your local backup in case of fire, theft and other similar situations 

But with an additional backup on cloud you always have a second backup on a secure server located in a datacenter 

We offer a wide range of features and plans for backup, call us now to get free consultation!

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