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Computer Deployment​

Netowork and Wireless Services

Computer deployment consists of the installation of the Computers whether desktop or laptop, connecting peripherals, and accessories, and installation of the proper operating system which can be Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

Software setup: the software will be installed according to the needs of the business or organization, whether it’s Microsoft Office, Engineering Software like AutoCAD, Revit, or Accounting software like QuickBooks and Antivirus and Security software packages.

Configuration: Finally the computer may need specific configuration and settings such as power and sleep settings or graphic settings, etc., or in a domain environment in a business the PC needs to be joined to the domain controller on the server and get connected to the internet. or connected to a network shared drive.

Monitor setup

Various forms of monitor setup can be done according to needs of client, for example:

1 or 2 Monitors installed on a desk or connected to monitor arms for ease of adjustment or even mounted on a wall.

Please note that not every monitor is mountable, so you need to know this before your purchase or call us at (747) 225-19-21 to get a free consultation.

Most common peripherals

Speakers: can be separate speaker unit or a soundbar under your monitor

Headsets: Can be wireless or wired. There are two types of wired headsets, 1- USB which is a simple USB connection. 2- 3.5 audio jack connected to an Aux cable.

Webcams: Usually all webcams are wired using a USB type A (most common USB cable), and have a built-in microphone. ranging from as low as ten dollars to hundreds of dollars according to quality and function. Certain webcams have additional features such as being compatible with Windows Hello facial recognition which can be used to login to your computer or websites. Note that this feature is less secure than fingerprint or password login.

What can we do for you?

We can prepare as many computers you need for you so they will be ready to use

No need for spending more money for in-office work

Computers are easily shipped to any location

Just unbox and use

Do you need expert IT help right away?